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Our company exists in its current form since 2005, created by a group of I.T. Engineers with more than 35 years of total experience in Computer Networking and managing projects in Greece and England.

Our company provides real time solutions and technical support, at much less cost than maintaining an in-house Technical Department.

Our goal is simple: to offer the best professional technical support tailored to our customers’ needs.

Continuing the concept of quality business, it seemed only natural to develop other service components in the wider field of information and technology. The development of websites and applications, digital marketing and social media services marked a new beginning for us.

Network Installation

and Support

Digital Marketing

Web & Software Development

In the digital age, your company’s digital footprint is as important as its physical presence. From a simple website, to an online store, our team can provide you with high quality services at a competitive cost.

  • Web Development

  • E-Shops

  • Web Applications

  • Priority on performance

  • User experience

  • and search engines

Our team combines an always expanding know-how with exceptional strategies in order to cover a wide range of software and web technologies. With our first priorities always placed on performance and user experience, our bespoke solutions can cover all your company’s digital needs.

  • Our relationship with Network Dynamics goes back almost 8 years - and in that time we have found that the close working relationship we have with our dedicated engineer allows us to better understand the capabilities of our own infrastructure. Our support contract has our engineer on call 24-7 and we feel secure knowing that, should we need it, expert assistance and advice is only a phone call or email away.
  • We operate a specialised preventative medicine and antiaging clinic. Network Dynamics installed us a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge computer network to be able to cope with the rapid growth and change of our customer database and medical professionals. Dealing with medical data, for us data security is all-important, and we can safely say that Network Dynamics allows us to rest assured that the integrity and security of our patients data is always maintained.
  • We handed over responsibility of our I.T. infrastructure 8 years ago to Network Dynamics - and have never looked back We can rest assured that our precious data is safe - we maintain a comprehensive online  offline backup system and Network Dynamics make sure that everything works reliably and securely with maximum cost efficiency
  • We chose Network Dynamics to maintain our LAN  WAN setup between our main offices and factory. We operate 24 hours a day  7 days a week  365 days a year, and needed a company that could offer real-time support to suit our working hours. We found this in Network Dynamics 5 years down the line and we are working faster, more reliably and more securely than ever.
  • We recently started working with Network Dynamics who are supporting one of the most vital topics IT - in most companies. They immediately respond to our needs and after several meetings we received the best offers as far as the hardware we need. Their personnel are friendly and ready to solve all problems with their excellent knowledge,  physical presence  and professional attitude, working for several hours continuously and achieving our smooth operation within very limited time.