Contracts maintenance / technical support

Maintenance contracts and technical support, is designed based on each client’s needs. This allows us to offer the most comprehensive level of support, while maintaining a realistic cost. Our goal is to make sure that the clinet feels like there is an internal IT department at a fraction of a cost.



Availability | 100% continuous operation

Maintaining an internal IT department is proved costly and inefficient because of our specialized technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and our friendly approach.

Network Installations

Network Implementation Studies


Remote Access Servers

Computer Room Installations

Fault Tolerance

Power Systems

Wireless Networks

Availability & Security

Security Auditing

Site-to-Site Secure VPN

IP / PABX systems

Network Expansion / Upgrade

Network Security

In today’s world of increasing competition for customers, some companies and individuals will stop at nothing to gain a competitive advantage. Sometimes this will include industrial espionage, and due to most companies increased exposure to the internet, this can take the form of corporate hacking and data theft.

When we design a corporate network for a client, we start by eliminating the basic security risks involved with fundamental internet access – i.e. internet access, and sending / receiving emails. For us this is a non-negotiable part of our network design stage, and once completed, our client is informed of further measures that can be taken to avoid unauthorized data access by third parties.

Once we have performed the security audit and implemented the measures that we have specified, we perform tests to verify the integrity of the solution we have offered. This takes the form of test-hacking or ethical hacking by a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) in order to certify that the solutions we have offered are effective in reducing or indeed eliminating the risk of unauthorized access.


Recovery Systems

One of our most important services is in the field of disaster recovery and disaster planning. We are able to offer full scale disaster recovery of entire networks or individual servers.

Many of our existing customers first came to us after sustaining almost catastrophic damage to their infrastructure – which in some cases, ironically, was made worse by their technical support staff.


Network Implementation Studies

The first step in implementing either a new data network or upgrading / expanding an already existing is to understand the needs and financial capabilities of our client. That way we can provide the most reliable and efficient solution.



We examine multiple backup methods to offer the best solution for ensuring the integrity of our client’s valuable data.

Remote Access

Why be at the office if you don’t need to be? – We integrate technologies from leading software manufacturers that facilitate secure, fast and highly available remote access systems for staff working off-site.

Any resources that would normally be available to them at the office are also provided to them remotely when they are off-site, enabling seamless collaboration with staff that is in the office, or indeed other remote workers.

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