Voip Services

Upgrade the communication of your business utilizing the benefits of a modern IP PBX. Save time and money by combining the flexibility, speed and ease that offers the Internet, with your company’s incoming and outgoing calls. We always prioritizes maximum efficiency of our partners, providing integrated IP call center solutions for all business sizes.


  • MyPBX using Modular Technology allows you to create an IP PBX, based on the needs of each company. It gives the possibility to combine different ports as analog (FXS, FXO), ISDN (BRI or PRI), cellular (GSM or UMTS) and IP connections (SIP). So MyPBX can easily meet the initial interface needs and your future needs by purchasing the appropriate module.
  • It gathers all the necessary functions such as voice dialing, Voicemail, automated phone menu (IVR), file that contains all the information on the recent use of the system (CDR) and the security of your PBX and offers features necessary for the network without hidden charges or annual cost.
  • Compatible with IP phones from all manufacturers.
  • It connects easily to the back up power system (UPS) that may already be present in your office. It lowers the cost of electricity as well as low in energy consumption and does not require batteries for use.
  • It saves space by reducing the number of necessary cables to your office using the existing infrastructure of your network. Use a LAN cable that connects to the IP Phone device to your computer.
  • Complete control from mobile and / or tablet
  • Easy and quick extension of PBX using IP devices or smartphone / softphone (software on the laptop).
  • Easy and direct transfer of the call center in the event of removal.
  • Easily transfer devices and use the same internal number in case of change of office.
  • Using the internal number and out of the office and also abroad using your smartphone or tablet as a user at no extra charge. For example, if an employee traveling abroad can receive any calls from the interior of the number in the smartphone / tablet with the only requirement to use 3G / 4G networks or WI-FI.
  • Free communication between multiple offices and branches of the company regardless of geographic location.
  • Phone calls with high quality compared with the conventional call centers.
  • We dodge the conversion cost of conventional equipment to IP offering direct the IP PBX equipment.
  • Compatible devices supporting handsfree / Bluetooth enhancing user productivity.
  • Significant cost savings on international calls (up to 90%).
  • Equipped with better features, but at a much lower price compared with other equipments VOIP (Cisco / Avaya etc.).

Key Features

  • Basic phone functions (forwarding, call waiting, conference, etc.).
  • Select barring outgoing calls to certain numbers.
  • Call waiting.
  • Capability message recording and menus (IVR, eg “press 1 for sales”).
  • Call waiting music.
  • Capability for second call waiting while the user is already active call.
  • Voicemail
  • Call diversion is possible.
  • Searchable calls (CDR).
  • Possibility for distribution of calls to multiple lines.
  • Remote management of your call center. Any change can be performed directly and remotely unlike to conventional centers require hiring any technical change.

Advanced Features

  • Firewall installation to protect the PBX.
  • Detailed call log.
  • Call Tracking Ability.
  • Capability for Call Recording.
  • Divert call from fixed line to mobile user, after a predetermined number of beats, without charge, to the connection provided on the internet using virtual line (SIP).
  • Using multiple separate virtual lines (SIP), according to the company’s needs, exclusively for international calls.